Beech Hill Nursery School

22 Beech Hill Road, Sheffield, S10 2SB    Tel: 0114 267 0518


The Baby Bunnies Room

From the age of 3 months babies are given new

experiences according to their individual needs.


At such a young age babies learn from their senses: sounds, smells, sight and physical contact. We sing, play games, read books and encourage physical skills for crawling, standing and walking.


Enjoying games such as peek-a-book, singing, clapping and finding objects will be part of your child's daily routine. There are also opportunities for one to one interaction with staff and other children.




Weather permitting, your child will spend some time playing outside. The babies have their own play area in the back garden.

Your child will begin to explore natural materials such as sand and water as well as discovering the pleasures of playdough, painting and other creative activities, all with close supervision.


We aim to follow your child's sleeping and feeding routines so that from an early age a relationship of trust and confidence is formed with us.