Beech Hill Nursery School

22 Beech Hill Road, Sheffield, S10 2SB    Tel: 0114 267 0518


The Panda Room 

The Panda room has 5 key workers working various days

of the week.


Our aim is to offer your child new experiences according to their individual needs, encouraging them to learn through play as much as possible.


In the Panda room we also aim to encourage your child's colour recognigition, shape recognition, number recoginition and social interaction with other children and adults.




Your child will have the opportunity to learn through various tactile and messy activities we provide on a daily basis. Some of the activities are sand and water play, play dough, corn flour, cooking and baking. The messy activities include free painting, bubble and

splatter, junk modelling, the list goes on!






We aim to promote and develop your child's language and communication skills by interacting with them during planned and spontaneous activities which include reading stories, singing and group times.


As your child will enjoy playing outside we ask that you provide them with suitable clothing for the weather as we tend to go outside come rain or shine!